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Omega Golden Fertility

What You Need To Know About Us

Omega Golden Fertility is a specialised, premium assisted conception centre in Nigeria. Established to bring smiles and completeness to families. Our core competence is hinged on a patient-centred approach aimed at providing a great overall patient experience.

At Omega, the best of science, technology and the highest ethical practices are combined to deliver value to our teeming clients.

Our process on patient satisfaction.

Our Working Process

Omega Golden Fertility AssessmentAssessment

When a couple have challenges getting pregnant over a calendar year or less especially where female partner is above 35years, evaluation of causes  read more

Omega Golden Fertility Sitmulation / Egg CollectionStimulation/Egg Collection

Stimulation is an important part of IVF treatment. Naturally, your body will typically release one egg during  read more

Omega Golden Fertility Treatment in Lagos NigeriaTreatments

Upon egg collection, the gametes are transferred into the IVF lab, where the embryologist manipulates (Inseminates/Injects) the gametes depending on your sperm quality. read more

Omega Golden Fertility ET/PT/Life BirthET/PT/Life Birth

In the course of ovarian stimulation, you would have received some drugs from your specialist to help prepare your womb lining to receive an embryo and support implantation. read more

Treatment tailored to

Suit Your Individual Needs

We offer female-friendly IVF treatment that delivers better health outcomes for mothers and babies.

Diagnosing Your fertility

By natural phenomenon, both the man and woman contribute equally to make complete genetic information of a fetus. On this note, the status of the Male partner semen quality is analyzed for appearance, number, and ability of the sperm to move. In some cases, genetic, hormonal, imaging, and biopsy investigations may be required. A low sperm count decreases fertility.

The female is tested for egg production by a combination of tests ranging from hormone testing for ovulation and ovarian reserve as well as ultrasound imaging and X-ray to assess tubal patency. In some cases, nothing is found (unexplained infertility).