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As a chemical Engr , I’ve taken time to research and evaluate all the andrology facility potentials , skills and capabilities in Nigeria. So far yours falls within the unsurpassed group. Thanks u for being part of our family

– Eng Adebajo Yussuf


You’ve done a lot for us by being the ‘point man’ on this our case from day one . Your thorough domicility of America is partly why I’m sticking with your facility. What your facility did is appreciated

– Mrs Molokwu Amaka


In fact, we know God actually used you for us considering where we are coming from. My two boys are my scan copy

 – Engineer Olayinka Rasheed.


I am a living testimony, after my three previous failed IVF cycles, Dr. Fasasi encouraged me to try again. Now David and Deborah are leading their class. All thanks to God and the Omega team… Ese ooo Olorun ama fun yin se.oo“.

– Mrs. Rachael Olarewaju

At 54 years of age, my hope of motherhood was rekindled. Three cycles with three children, I’m fulfilled. Every fertility-challenged woman I meet will visit your clinic. That’s a promise. Thank you all.” 

– Madam Abbay Fayehood

Despite our underlying health challenges, my pastor directed to Dr. Omega and I took the step of faith. My twin girls are now in grade 3 elementary class… Daalu rinne.” 

– Mrs. Andy Deborah

At 42 years after 2 failed cycles, my baby girl laughs the best. Alhamdul lilah robil alameen.”

 – Madam Olanike Adeniji