Even the most resilient of couples may face unexpected and uncomfortable challenges as a result of IVF treatment. Here are some frequent challenges that couples face and how to deal with them!

IVF might feel like a miracle route to your longed-for addition one minute and an unending and grueling journey to parenting the next, whether you’re just starting or you’ve been through a few rounds.

We are writing from the perspective of a heterosexual couple’s half. However, keep in mind that many IVF couples are same-sex, with one of the females planning to bear the pregnancy using donor sperm, or a male pair considering gestational or heterosexual surrogacy alternatives.

And it would be negligent to overlook the various reasons for turning to IVF, much alone the methods: donor sperm or eggs, secondary infertility, infertility following pregnancy loss, low sperm count or motility, and low AMH. 

Before the process of starting or growing a family begins, there can be a lot of pressure on a couple.

This proviso aims to emphasize that the road to IVF success is rarely a straight one. It frequently takes us into unfamiliar territory, posing difficult challenges along the way.

The topic of in vitro fertilization (IVF) is still mainly taboo. 

We seem to be rounding the corner as more individuals come out about it, but there are still a lot of stigmas linked to it. 

It’s no surprise that this affects the relationships of individuals who are going through it.

How IVF can alter a relationship’s dynamics

For the most part, trying for a baby naturally as a male/female couple feels quite equal.

Then there’s IVF.

Initially, the procedure is typically initiated by simple curiosity about the issues at hand or how each other’s reproductive organs compare. 

Then, when you learn more, tackling the issues that have been uncovered can be difficult. 

You’ll all have various reactions, perspectives, and coping mechanisms.

After that, there’s the logistics. One partner takes on the role of a carer while the other goes through the procedures. 

The new rush of hormones can sometimes vary emotions and physical comfort, getting to the clinic on time, administering injections and pills, and the new rush of hormones that can sometimes alter moods and physical comfort. 

Unfamiliar roles are taken on, adding to the pressure you’re probably already feeling.

Financial worries can also be a major source of stress. 

What was once spent on vacations together could now be diverted to the ‘make a baby’ fund?

Anger, becoming snappy and short-tempered, and feeling lost are not uncommon feelings they are probably quite the contrary. 

IVF is jokingly referred to as a rollercoaster. Yes, this is an appropriate analogy. But it’s also a tedious story. 

And, if you aren’t open about your journey outside of your relationship, your spouse will likely be on the receiving end of those feelings.

As a result of navigating this new world as individuals, the question of how to stay connected as a partnership arises.

Keeping in touch during IVF

It is normal if you begin to feel as if you are letting everyone down at a certain moment throughout your IVF journey, especially after one failed cycle and a rare ectopic pregnancy, we were eventually blessed with a successful pregnancy. 

I’d had many operations on my cervix before then for various reasons, and I remember gazing down at my uterus and not understanding why it wasn’t working, as if to start a fight with it.

For those who have been there, they will tell you they yelled and barked at the universe for not giving what they so desperately want, we have gathered a few pointers on how to keep linking arms with your spouse down a sometimes perilous journey.

Here are some tips to help you pull through:

1 . Don’t draw away from one another; instead, lean in.

You are all in this together, even if it feels off balance at times. 

You have a common goal and hope. It will be critical to be able to find comfort, strength, and support in one another. 

It’s critical to keep talking so you can recognize when it’s appropriate to give each other space.

2 . Continue to improve yourself as an individual.

When you realize that no one else is accountable for your happiness or mental health, it is a significant life lesson. 

You are capable of incredible feats. This isn’t a call to arms to “flip that frown upside down,” but rather a suggestion to seek techniques to calm your thoughts or relax your body. 

3 . Make time for things other than IVF!

We had to stop IVF for three months due to an ectopic pregnancy, so we made sure we spent that time enjoying one other’s company without the distraction of therapy. 

Even if you don’t put your treatment on hold, you should try to schedule some time together when you can try new things or create a new family custom.

4 . Talk to other people.

It’s evident that talking to each other is crucial, but talking to someone else can also be beneficial. Fertility troubles are far more frequent than we realize, which always shocked and comforted me. A common issue…

5 . Take a practical approach.

You must keep an eye on the facts of your situation, from your finances to your mental health. Prepare yourself to take a break. 

That may feel like the polar opposite of what you want to do right now. You can’t afford to squander any time. 

However, if your life has become so out of balance as a result of the stresses that IVF can bring, you should be prepared to take stock and explore your choices. In the long run, this might be beneficial.

We are here to partner with you on your journey to parenthood. 

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