Have you ever considered the effect of a long-distance journey after an IVF procedure? Is it safe to travel either by road or air almost immediately after an embryo transfer? What is the effect of long distance journey travel after IVF procedure? We got it all covered in this article. Keep reading as we put the spotlight on all you need to know regarding this subject matter. 

IVF Process Explained 

There are numerous crucial milestones in the in-vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure. Ninety percent of cases where oocytes have been extracted have resulted in at least one embryo transfer, thanks to advancements in ovulation induction, oocyte retrieval, and laboratory procedures to ensure maximal rates of fertilization and embryo growth. The last and most important stage of IVF is embryo transfer. The embryo’s successful implantation into the uterus predicts the outcome of the pregnancy how the patient is managed after this procedure is also very critical. 

Effects of long-distance Journey after Successful IVF 

It is a standard practice that you will have around an hour to rest on your back after an IVF embryo transfer is completed. While some doctors advise carrying out modest activities to stimulate blood flow to the uterus to boost the likelihood of pregnancy, others advise 24-hour bed rest following the treatment. At Omega Golden Fertility, we strongly recommend that our patients rest for the remainder of the day. 

Is Travelling Advisable After An IVF Embryo Transfer? 

First and foremost, it is crucial to ascertain whether the patient has ever experienced a threatened pregnancy or actual miscarriage. Has bleeding occurred during the first trimester or in prior pregnancies? 

Distance and time taken are also significant factors when it comes to travel. When on a long-term trip, one could experience stress. Stress has an impact on bodily processes, including decreased blood circulation. 

That being said, it is completely acceptable if you go in a safe private vehicle for a maximum of one to two hours if the road to your destination is highly motorable and you have no specific concerns about getting pregnant beforehand. From our experience, it is not advisable to embark on a long and stressful journey shortly after embryo transfer. Especially boarding a flight or traveling on a bumpy road. It would help if you did all you can to reduce stress during this period 

While some patients with very tight schedules would love to return to their base almost immediately or the same day, we recommend staying back and possibly delaying till the next day or even more, especially if such a patient is going on a very long journey or even boarding a flight.  

 Although there is no clear scientific evidence that traveling by air, or by any other means hurts the transfer of embryos from our experience we strongly recommend staying back. 

We also recommend that you follow the standard precautions for long-haul flights after a recent IVF procedure to lower your risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT), such as drinking plenty of water and occasionally moving your legs. You can consult us before your travel if you have a higher-than-average risk of DVT. 

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