Did you know that with this technique, you can keep your reproduction options open till you are ready? Get all the information you need about gamete and embryo cryopreservation in Nigeria.

What Is Cryopreservation 

This is a technique for freezing and storing human gametes (eggs and sperm) or embryos from an IVF cycle for later use.  

There are two cryopreservation methods which are: 

Slow Freezing and Vitrification which is also referred to as rapid freeze protocols. At Omega Golden Fertility, we are experts in the 2 methods.  

Stages of Cryopreservation for Women 

  • Egg production 
  • Egg collection 
  • Spare Embryo Freezing 

Stages of Cryopreservation for Men 

  • Semen collection 
  • Semen freezing  

Who Should Consider Cryopreservation 

You can consider cryopreservation if you are not ready to start a family by the age of 35 due to career demands, financial challenges, or as a result of other factors.  

Cryopreservation is ideal for the following: 

  • Individuals (men & women) who wish to complete career and personal goals before having a baby Individuals  
  • Men & women facing a recent cancer diagnosis or who will soon undergo chemotherapy Individuals  
  • Men & women Facing major reproductive surgery Individuals 
  • Men & women who take medications that affect fertility 
  • Women who have not yet found the right partner  
  • Women with premature ovarian failure (POF), are sometimes called early menopause. 
  • Couples with extra gametes during an IVF Procedure 


Omega Golden Fertility can store gametes for up to 10 years. Frozen sperm, oocytes, and embryos do not age and allow us to store reproductive tissue for many years! Preserve your younger gametes with us now! 

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