Are you interested in having a prince or balancing your children’s gender ratio? Have you recorded multiple deliveries of a baby girl and desired a baby boy? Omega Golden Fertility is here with the good news you have been waiting for. It is a unique, more than a scientific approach that guarantees 99% gender interest if the cycle succeeds yet gives close to 30% to 40% of the industry average cost for sex selection. 

What is Gender Selection?

Gender selection refers to any attempt to predict the sex of an unborn child even before implantation and pregnancy test. This phrase is otherwise referred to as family balancing which allows intending parents to decide the sex of their unborn child even just at the moment of conception. 

Scientific knowledge and modern trends have demonstrated that women are not responsible for the sex determination of a foetus, but rather, the male partner or the father. Unfortunately, some part of Africa still wants to blame the innocent woman for not producing a male child.

The Egg of a woman only has an X chromosome whereas the sperm by segregation can carry either a female (X) or male (Y) chromosome. With today’s cutting-edge fertility treatments at Omega, you can have the male gender you long desire within a quarter of a year. select a gender with our gender selection treatment so that the baby’s sex at birth is what you desire.

When the sperm fertilizes the egg with either an X (female) or Y (male) chromosome, the baby’s sex is determined at conception. One of the 46 chromosomes that make up an embryo’s genetic makeup is the sex. The baby’s sex is determined at conception and remains constant throughout the pregnancy.

Omega Golden Fertility is funded with knowledge, skills, and technology to make the male partner’s testicles produce a preponderance of (Y) Chromosome carrying sperms in a specific period for male gender selection. That is while you are at Omega Golden Fertility for your male child we will make your body stop the production of (X) Chromosomes carrying sperm cells and during treatment, the semen is sorted to harvest the (Y) chromosomes such that resulting embryos are close to 99% male and where the IVF treatment succeed you are 100% guaranteed that your princes have arrived in numbers.

Is Gender Selection Legal In Nigeria?

The majority of European nations prohibit gender selection. Even if the parents know the baby’s sex, it cannot be disclosed. In Nigeria and Africa at large, the case is different. Preimplantation genetic testing, which would reveal the gender of the child, might also not be permitted due to the prohibition on removing embryonic cells in some of the aforementioned countries. There are no limitations on finding out or selecting a baby’s sex in Nigeria for reasons of our norms, value system, culture, and traditional differences compared with the westerners.

Can Gender Selection Work With IVF?

In vitro fertilization (IVF), a type of assisted reproduction is the process of combining sperm and eggs in a laboratory to create an embryo that is then put into the uterus. By pre-determining, the sperm genome Omega Golden Fertility guarantees that it is only a male child that can result from such treatment exercise. 

 As a result, deciding the gender has to do with the pre-selection of sperm cells’ genome (Y) Chromosome that will be fertilizing the egg (unambiguously X ) chromosome and as a result, it is just normal at this point to have (XY) embryos that can only give a diploid male child post implantation process. 

Can Gender Selection Work With IUI?

Answer: Absolute YES. 

Every couple experiencing delayed childlessness or that requires family balancing does not have to go through IVF. More importantly that they have been conceiving and having children just not the sex/gender of interest. 

Gynaegologically fit women in their early 30s with normo-spermic male partners could achieve male child gender selection treatment on the Omega brand of services called IUI-Sex Selection without having to pay for IVF and PGD yet achieving the male child with about half the cost of PGD. 

How Gender Selection Works

To successfully select a gender, several technology approaches have been instituted concerning sperm micro-sorting, PGD/Gender selection two actions are required. The first step is sperm micro-sorting, a method that sorts or chooses spermatozoa according to the sperm’s sex. To increase the likelihood that the egg will be fertilized with the appropriate chromosome for the desired gender, Tree of Life uses the microsort Gender Selection Technology. To choose the embryo with the desired sex for implantation into the uterus, gender selection also depends on embryo testing, also known as a preimplantation genetic diagnosis.

Gender Selection Success Rate

Sperm micro-sorting and preimplantation genetic testing are both necessary for effective gender selection. By enriching the spermatozoa before conception by micro-sorting, you can ensure that the majority of the sperm in the sample is of the desired gender. In terms of efficiency, micro-sorting can typically yield sperm that is 90% female and 78% male pure. Before returning the embryo to the uterus, preimplantation genetic embryo testing verifies that it is the correct gender. The success rate of gender selection is very high, at 99%, with this testing and presuming that you have an embryo that is the proper sex available for implantation.

Risks associated with gender selection

There is minimal risk associated with using sorted sperm techniques in determining the gender of the unborn baby. However, the risk of research findings is similar to a birth defect in children conceived naturally regardless of sperm sorting. i.e less than 3%. 

None of the gender selection approaches have been proven to increase the risk of birth abnormalities. The risk of a birth abnormality is lower in children conceived through IVF when compared with naturally conceived deliveries.

What is the cost of Gender selection in Nigeria?

The unstable nature of Foreign exchange has affected direct IVF services tariffs. It is imperative to know the same applies to sex selection. Sex selection programs are exclusive of IVF treatment bills and it’s in the range of £10000 or its equivalent depending on which part of the world you are in. The Nigerian fertility market is not an exception to this reality. The good news here is that with 30% – 40% less, your male child (ren) is just a few months away.

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