Did you know that prolonged sex or penile erection after 30 minutes during sexual intercourse could be harmful to men? Aside from it being harmful, it could result in male infertility on the long run if it is continuous and nothing is done about it. Let’s look at prolonged sex and male fertility. 

Prolonged Sex and Male Fertility 

So many people are unaware of the severe consequences of a prolonged sex as it relates to male fertility. To so many men, having an erection for over 30 minutes during sexual intercourse gives them the bragging right that they are real men that could satisfy their women. Well, this is false because a penile erection over 30 minutes is totally purposeless and could be harmful if it persists.  

However, we agree that a penis needs to be turgid or fully erect for satisfactory sexual intercourse but if the erection lasts more than 30 minutes, then there is something to worry about as it could lead to fractures or breaks of the penis which could have an adverse effect on the man’s fertility. This could be linked to a medical emergency condition known as priapism.  

What Is Priapism? 

This is an unwanted persistent, prolonged erection of the penis that will not go down. It is usually very painful and needs to be treated immediately detected. If not treated within 24 hours the penis may be permanently damaged and might have trouble getting an erection in future. 

Priapism, or prolonged erection can be caused when the blood in the penis gets stuck and cannot escape back into the bloodstream. 

Causes Of Priapism 

Aside from the primary cause of prolonged ejaculation stated earlier, other causes are:  

  • blood disorders or other medical conditions 
  • some prescription medications 
  • drug use 
  • injury 

How prolonged sex can affect male fertility 

Prolonged sex or penile erection for a long time can result in priapism which if not treated immediately may ruin the man’s chances of getting an erection again which technically makes him infertile.  

Can Frequent Sex Affect Male Fertility?  

Male infertility cannot be caused by excessive sexual activity, but you could wonder if ejaculating frequently impacts its potency or if excessive masturbation degrades the quality of your sperm. 

It is true that a man’s sperm count increases significantly when he goes a few days without ejaculating. Though it’s unlikely to impact your fertility, more frequent sex or masturbation may slightly reduce your sperm count. No matter how frequently you ejaculate, you will never run out of sperm cells. 

Semen samples from guys who ejaculated multiple times a day have been examined in several investigations. They discovered that although the sperm count decreased with each additional sample, it remained above the threshold that specialists deem normal for sperm counts. Additionally, it didn’t seem to have an impact on the motility, quality, or morphology of the sperm—all crucial components of fertilization. 

Therefore, frequent sexual activity or excessive masturbation shouldn’t have an impact on your ability to conceive unless you have fertility problems. 

We recommended that men with low sperm counts wait a few days before attempting to impregnate their spouse. The theory is that abstinence can help increase sperm counts and enhance the likelihood of conception. While frequent ejaculation does not necessarily lead to fertility problems but can reduce sperm count. 

Refusing to ejaculate can boost sperm count and semen volume, but it can also negatively impact sperm morphology and swimming abilities, according to a study of nearly thirty studies on abstinence and fertility. 

The effect of waiting a few weeks can be greater on the quality of your sperm. According to research, there is a greater chance of DNA damage the longer sperm remain in your testicles. Also, it may be more challenging to conceive with damaged sperm in your partner. 

There isn’t enough data available at this time to determine the ideal length of abstinence. In nine out of ten cases, having intercourse every other day reduced the damage, according to a study on sperm with damaged DNA. Additionally, to best weigh the advantages of waiting against the drawbacks, general practitioners and fertility specialists can advise waiting three days. 

How Often Should You Have Sex If You Are Trying To Conceive  

It is recommended that you have sex at least 2 to 3 times in a week starting soon after the end of your period as this can help ensure that you have sex when you are most fertile. We recommend that you have sex near the time of ovulation. This could be 8 to 12 times in a month. 

On many occassions, prolonged sex is being powered by the use of aphrodisiacs which can also be reffered to as sexual enhancing drugs. Aphrodisiacs has been around for a very long time across many cultures.    

Effects Of Aphrodisiacs  

  • Increasing blood flow 
  • Promoting lubrication and sensitivity 
  • Influencing hormones 

Demerits Of Aphrodisiacs  

Did you know that aphrodisiacs have severe side effects? Below are some side effects of aphrodisiacs 

  • Liver & kidney damage 
  • Hypotension 
  • Risks of stroke 
  • Infertility 
  • Priapism 

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