Some women choose to go for less medicated IVF procedures, either because they are unable to take fertility medications or because they do not wish to. This article outlines your possibilities for performing IVF without the use of any or fewer fertility medications. Keep reading to learn more about viable IVF options.

Viable IVF Options
IVF (in vitro fertilization) or insemination of female egg with microscope

Viable IVF Options

If you are unable to take fertility medications, you might be a candidate for a less medicated form of IVF. This could be due to a health reason, such as if you’re:

  • A cancer patient and reproductive drugs could exacerbate your illness, as ovarian hyper-stimulation (OHSS), a severe overreaction to fertility drugs, is a possibility. 
  • For instance, if a patient has breast cancer that is sensitive to oestrogen, they might not be able to take certain medications that would raise their oestrogen levels.

Additionally, you can have religious convictions that forbid freezing or destroying any extra eggs or embryos.

Viable IVF Options

Natural cycle IVF, moderate stimulation IVF, and in vitro maturation are the three basic IVF techniques that use no medicines or very little medication (IVM).

Natural cycle IVF

Cyclical natural IVF uses absolutely no fertility medications. 

As with traditional IVF, the single egg that is released as part of your regular monthly cycle is extracted and combined with sperm. After that, your IVF therapy will go as usual. 

You can if you’d like to try again sooner than with regular IVF since your ovaries aren’t being stimulated. In addition, you won’t experience any of the risks and side effects of using fertility medicines, and you’re less likely to become pregnant numerous times (such as twins or triplets) than with normal IVF.

Mild stimulation IVF

You receive fewer fertility medicines over a shorter length of time with moderate stimulation IVF than with normal IVF. 

By doing so, you shorten the length of your therapy by around two weeks and eliminate many of the unfavorable drug side effects. Although moderate stimulation IVF still carries some health hazards, they are often less frequent and serious than with normal IVF.

In vitro maturation (IVM)

You will typically get a hormone during IVF to aid in the maturation of your eggs before they are extracted and fertilized. 

You don’t need to take hormones since, in IVM, your eggs are taken while they’re still immature and allowed to develop in the lab. Only when intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), a type of fertility treatment used when there is a male infertility factor, is being performed are you eligible for IVM.

Compared to other forms of IVF treatment, there have been incredibly few babies from IVM because it is a novel method. 

This implies that until there have been more healthy deliveries and experts have had the opportunity to watch child development as they have grown up, we can’t be completely convinced of its safety.

Do these options affect your chances of success?

Yes, the success rates for natural IVF are much lower than those for traditional IVF if you don’t take fertility medicines. It is usually a good idea to ask your clinic before beginning any treatment how many procedures they have completed in the past year and what their birth rates are for women with comparable conditions.

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