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Vaping Lowers Men’s Sperm Count And Shrinks Their Testicles” – Scientist Reveals

An electronic cigarette, often known as a vape, is a device with a liquid container, an atomizer, and a battery that simulates smoking tobacco. Turkish scientists conducted research on rats to find out the effect of smoking on sexual health. According to recent research, it has been discovered that vaping lowers men’s sperm count and shrinks their testicles. Researchers observed that exposing rats to cigarette smoke and e-cigarette vapours lowers the size of their testicles. They also discovered stress indicators in the blood…

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Best IVF Clinic In Lagos? Questions You Should Ask On Your First Visit To An IVF Clinic

Best IVF Clinic In Lagos

In this post, we have compiled a list of seven questions to ask your fertility clinic. These questions will guide you in having a clear direction regarding your IVF journey. Looking for the best IVF clinic in Lagos? Here are questions you should ask on your first visit to an IVF clinic. Keep reading. Best IVF Clinic In Lagos: Questions You…

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Stress Predisposes Couples To Infertility – Dr Fasasi

Dr. Olaleke Fasasi, Senior embryologist and Director of Embryology Services, Omega Golden Fertility Stem Cell experts and specialists in translational medicine and Stem Cell Biology in this interview discusses infertility treatment options, the impact of stress on fertility, among other issues. Excerpts:  Describe your venture on into fertility treatments, management?  Becoming a force in the fertility service industry started 17…

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